Facts and Progress


  • 4 out of 5 people in the United States that need a ramp for their home lack the resources to get one
  • 65-80% of families affected by disability have no connection to a faith community
  • The cost of a wheelchair is as much or more than a year’s wage for most families in developing nations
  • Wheelchairs, particularly specialty chairs, are often unavailable in developing nations
  • 80% of marriages in which a family member has a significant disability end in divorce
  • Disability is a major cause of teenage suicide


In 2015, All God's Children Ministries…

  • Completed 50 ramps
  • Participated in 2 international outreaches in which more than 500 wheelchairs were fitted and distributed, local therapists and mechanics were trained in wheelchair fitting and repairs, and the Good News of Jesus Christ was shared with each recipient
  • Rejoiced that our outreach influenced more than 300 people to give or recommit their lives to Christ
  • Collected a container full of wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment to ship to Guatemala
  • Lead 18 speaking/training events in Western PA and beyond
  • Recieved two grants that enabled the Take 5 Respite Care Program to be initiated
Woman with new wheelchair