Ramps of Hope


In January 2010, Ramps of Hope was founded through an informal agreement in which seven United Methodist Churches in Northwestern Pennsylvania each contributed funding, leadership, volunteers, and promotion to the ministry, as they were able. Since then, more than 35 churches have partnered with All God’s Children Ministries to make Ramps of Hope a vital, ongoing ministry that provides accessible ramps for those who need them to safely come and go from their homes.


The heart of this program is building relationships with our recipients and their families. We are given the privilege of entering into their lives, reaching out with God’s love to meet their needs, and praying with them. As we extend the love and grace of Jesus Christ to them, we are blessed as well!


There are no fees charged to our recipients. Funding is provided by participating churches, donations from individuals and organizations, fundraisers, and grants. Ramps are constructed using a modular design that allows them to be reclaimed when no longer needed and reused to help meet new needs. This helps us be good stewards of all that God has entrusted to us and enables us to serve more people.


Recently, we provided a ramp for a woman who had been unable to get in and out of her house since surgery, more than 6 months before. She was amazed that 10 people she didn’t know would show up on a beautiful fall morning and build her a much-needed ramp. As she tried it for the first time, she said, “I can’t believe I can get out and go now on my own again. I never dreamed it would be so nice.” She was active in her church prior to becoming disabled, so this lady will be able to return to her church now that she is able to get out safely. That same day, a police officer from the little town we were working in stopped by and asked us who we were and then thanked us for helping the people in his town.

Mary and the Ramps of Hope builders


Last year, we received a referral for a woman named "Mary" needing a ramp.  During our first get-together, after filling the initial paperwork, we asked her if she would like to pray with us.  She replied that she didn't think much about this "prayer stuff", but gave us the go ahead.  As we were leaving, Rose, our intake worker, gave Mary her contact information, in case she needed to reach us...

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