International Missions


The vision for founding All God’s Children Ministries began from the perspective and experiences of working in developing countries to assist those affected by disability. With nudging from the Holy Spirit, International Missions was started as the first program undertaken by All God’s Children Ministries. Our first international trip supported through the ministry was to Honduras in the fall of 2009. We continue to minister in Central America, taking two trips there each year.

Disability in Developing Countries

Those with disabilities living in developing countries are some of the poorest and most marginalized people in our world. There is often a stigma associated with having a disability, influenced by the prevalent belief that having a disability or a child with a disability is God’s punishment for sins. Fighting this belief and actually changing the culture that perpetuates it is a difficult task. When we sit in the dirt at the feet of a person with a disability as we evaluate and make the necessary adaptations to a wheelchair, we place value and worth on that person. As we pray for them and share the knowledge of the love and grace of God with them, barriers, sometimes lifelong, begin to be torn down. Hearts are softened, and the possibility exists for rebirth and new life in Christ.

Unaffordable Wheelchairs

In most developing countries those who need a wheelchair usually go without. There is little, if any, insurance to buy adaptive equipment. A typical child’s adaptive wheelchair can cost $10,000 or more. With the average family income in the countries in which we work ranging from $3000 to $7000 per year, it is usually impossible for those in need to buy one. Chairs with special modifications are typically unavailable even if someone does have the money to pay for them.


Our International missions work focuses on distributing and fitting wheelchairs for persons in need. A big part of this ministry involves providing training to help our in-country partners and wheelchair mechanics develop the skills and expertise necessary to continue the work when we return home. We often provide classroom instruction for part of the day and then have our “students” work alongside us to get valuable hands-on experience by actually doing the work.

Through our international disability ministry outreach, sometimes we have the privilege of planting seeds, and at other times, of watering and tilling the soil. Often, we are blessed to see the harvest as new souls are added to God’s Kingdom through our outreach. We invite you to join with us as we do this life-changing work. It is just possible that the life that will be changed could be yours.

Maritza crawling with her hands in shoes


By Debbie Hills

We first met a young woman named Maritza when we traveled to the small town of Cara Susia, El Salvador, for a one-day wheelchair distribution. She ministered to us by pulling out chairs, bringing us bags of drinking water, and welcoming us to her town. The amazing thing was that she did all of this while crawling on her hands and knees. We all assumed that she would be getting a wheelchair during the distribution, but with a shy smile she said no, she didn’t need one.

Find out what happens to Maritza.