4th Annual Shoe Drive

All God’s Children Ministries and The Erie United Methodist alliance are collecting new and used shoes.

The shoe drive is running now through July 1, 2016

Did you know….630,000,000 pairs of shoes are thrown away each year in the USA?

….Most people in developing countries want a hand up, not a hand out?

….Children are dying because they do not have shoes?

All you need to do...

....Collect unwanted shoes from your closet and ask your family and friends to give you theirs too

....Band them together in pairs with rubber bands or tie them together with the shoe strings

....Place 25 pairs of shoes in a large plastic bag

....Drop them off at one of our collection sites

Why collect shoes for us?

....each bag of 25 pairs of shoes raises $10.00 for outreach services to those affected by disability or homelessness

....25 people in developing nations will have shoes to help them walk more safely

....families in developing nations will be resourced and trained to support themselves through micro-enterprise

....the toxic chemicals in shoes will be kept out of our landfills, soil and water supplies

More Information

Shoe Drive General Information

Shoe Drive Bulletin

Shoe Drive Sign

Collection Sites

Shoes can be dropped off any time 8-4 at Girard Area Industrial Development Corp.
227 Hathaway St. East
Girard, PA 16417

If you are dropping off more than one or two bags in Girard, please call ahead for directions to the loading dock at 774-9339.

Rainbow Connection
1516 Buffalo Rd.
Erie, PA 16510-1002
during business hours

Greg Thomas Floor Expressions
945 W. 12th St.
Erie, PA

Grace United Methodist Church
420 California Dr.
Coal Center, PA 15423-1150

Grove City College
Only during the Annual Conference
June 8th-11th, 2016